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About Us

“Leave the boring technicalities to us – HostBoring has got you covered.”
Established in March 2021 as HostBoring. We are a Malaysian-owned server hosting services provider specializing in Minecraft server hosting and Windows VPS hosting. At HostBoring, we’ve revolutionized traditional server hosting by adopting a fully remote operational model, redefining the landscape of server hosting with our innovative approach towards a fully remote company style.

Initial Intention
HostBoring started as a hobby project, motivated by our passion for gaming alongside friends. We aimed to make server hosting accessible to everyone. Our goal was straightforward! To offer not luxirous but affordable services. We wanted everyone to have the opportunity to host their own servers, connect, gather, and enjoy gaming with friends or family, free from any barriers even if it meant operating with minimal profits or occasional losses.

Dedicated Team & Services
Our team comprises passionate gamers and technicians with extensive experience in the game server hosting and VPS server hosting industry, providing reliable & affordable server hosting solutions.
Our aim is to become Malaysia’s premier server hosting company, consistently enhancing and expanding our services to meet evolving needs while maintaining exceptional support standards.
Comprehensive Support Every Step of the Way
We understand the challenges and frustrations that come with hosting a server. Trust us, we’ve been there too. That’s why at HostBoring, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance every step of the way. Whether you’re setting up a vanilla server or diving into the complexities of a modded server, we’re here to guide you from A to Z. Nearly 96.05% of our clients express high satisfaction, reflecting our commitment to delivering top-tier hosting solutions and exceptional customer support.
Connect With Us
Ready to experience unparalleled hosting services or have questions for us? Connect with HostBoring through the link below!